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The percursive blows of the impact mode will not provide the necessary friction to elevate the temperature and recrystallize the copper. Also, there are several colateral effects, such as uneven abrasion, bumps, peeling off and sooting production, and irregular flares or swages, when the impact mode or hammer mode is used along with the SPIN

No. Since the Impact Mode will cause several issues to Flares and Swages made with Spin Tools, due its concussive work, it’s not recommended to use Spin Tools along with Impact Drivers. Power tools which have two operation modes (rotary/impact) must be used in the rotary mode only. Early studies demonstrated that 1/4″ hexagonal shanks,

Usually 12V equipment does not have the minimum required power which is 500 Watts, and/or the minimum speed of 1,800 rpm. The key for getting the best out from the SPIN Tools are matching its benefits with good rates of both rotation speed and power. If you do otherwise and use the SPIN Tools along

The SPIN tools fit into into any type of electric drill or screwdrivers, as long as it meets the mininum requirements of power and rotation. As the SPIN tools require good rotation rates, we advice for chosing power tools with a minimum of 1,800 RPM, for the best results. As for watts, we recommend using