Get perfect flares and swages with minimum effort and maximum reliability!

Using an innovative technology, the ORIGINAL Swaging and Flaring SPINs are a new concept in HVAC tools, ready to quickly flare/expand any copper or aluminum tube, in just a few seconds. Check out these revolutionary tools right now!


Shaping metal materials such as copper tubing through cold working (as in the traditional processes of flaring and swaging used in HVAC) usually causes the hardening phenomenon, which are the main cause for micro cracks and leaks.
The SPIN Tools use high temperature (through friction) to expand the tubing, completely avoiding the hardening.

Heat by Friction

Preserves copper’s malleability during the molding process, for a leak-tight fitting.

Fits into any Drill*

Works efficiently along with the most common screwdrivers and drills*, check the minimum requirements.

10X faster

Flares and swages in 5 seconds: Up to 10X faster than conventional tools.

Avoid Cracks and Leaks

The high temperature process will assure a perfect fitting, the metal doesn’t crack or thin.

410a Compatible

Tube walls mantain the thickness to withstand high pressure of refrigerants.

HVAC Ready

Designed for the most popular tubing diameters in HVAC.



The flares will always have the same size and will fit perfectly; The swages present a perfect depth and a tight fitting, that will make the brazing easier, reducing the fatigue stress over the coupling area.


The flare/swage will keep the coopers' malleability, which will ensure better couplings overall; the SPIN process also protects the tube from cracking.


The SPIN method is much faster than the conventional method.


The drill does the work, making the process as ergonomically as possible. The conventional method usually requires additional manual effort.


The SPIN Tools simply requires a power drill/screwdriver to get fastened in. The conventional tools require several parts in addition; dies, yokes, clamps, handles, wings, nuts, rules. These tools also need to be assembled together, manually screwed, manually unscrewed etc.


SPIN takes the copper above the recrystallization temperature, so you can easily work both soft or hard copper tubing with the SPIN Swaging tools!


Just the right depth to minimize the effects of fatigue stress in the joint area.
A tight fitting for less joints, less brazing material, less effort.


Perfect for mini splits and ductless A/C copper and aluminum tubes. Keeps the tubing thickness for high pressure refrigerant fluids such as R410A, R22, etc.

Developed and recommended for soft and hard copper, and with a range encompassing from 1/4” to 7/8” for expansions, SPIN SWAGING TOOLS are the natural evolution of HVAC-R swaging tools. The SPIN FLARING TOOLS are developed and recommended for soft copper only, and meant for making flares on 1/4” up to 7/8” copper tubes.

The SPIN SWAGING TOOLS FOR PLUMBING are heavy duty tools designed to swage 1/2'', 3/4'' and 1'' hard copper pipes.


Deliver flares with more area of contact between the valve and the flare, for a leak-tight fitting.


The High Temperature method will keep the ductility otherwise lost with conventional methods, making your flares virtually crack-free!

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You can find the Spin Tools  in Sets from 4 up to 6 pieces for HVAC-R applications; and 3 pieces for Plumbing applications. Click to find out more about the combinations in inches and/or millimeters!

SPIN Flaring Tools

from 1/4'' up to 7/8"
For HVAC - Also in Millimeters

SPIN Swaging Tools

from 1/4" up to 7/8"
For HVAC - Also in Millimeters

SPIN Swaging Tools - Plumbing

1/2" - 3/4" - 1''
For Plumbing - Also in Millimeters

Cutters and other SPIN Products

for Cutting, Welding and Fitting


The experts in the field tried SPIN out. Here is what they say.

I bought a set of both the swedge and flare bits and they work amazing! I had installed over 100 ductless splits with three heads each. The SPIN tools are awesome! No leaks at all. Pressure test every fitting and micron vacuum!

Kenny Oldham

HVAC Technician
It works well, I have been impressed with it! Great for mini splits oil lines etc. I do think there is a place and usage for both in my truck.

Steven Lavimoniere

HVAC Technician and Youtuber
We started using the Spin Tools on our latest VRF project. These systems have over 1000 flare connections on one projects. Using the Spin Tools to make flares has reduced the time to make a flare from 3 minutes to 3 seconds.

Shane Wibberg

HVAC Commercial Install Specialist

1. Performance, Usability, Durability

Designed to outlast 1,000,000 uses, SPIN Tools bring innovation with simplicity and reliability. The better Flaring and Swaging tools to have in one's toolbox!

2. Different Countries, Different Sets!

The SPIN Sets range are mass-customized to attend the characteristics of HVAC tubing standards on different countries. Some sets may not be available in your country for this reason. If you need a special set of SPIN tools not listed in our portfolio, contact us.

3. More than 100,000 units sold worldwide!

HVAC-R professionals worldwide already use SPIN! Australia, USA, Spain, Italy and 20 other countries approve and recommend the SPIN Tools!

Manual and Downloads

Brochures and Manuals in several languages for download.

Why not use Spin Tools with Impact Drivers

Concussions will most likely damage the tube walls. Learn why.

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