The answer is no… and yes. The Flaring SPIN Tools delivers a ~40º flare, that will take its final shape, reaching from 36° up to 47°, once it is “sandwiched” between the valve and the nut, with the help of a wrench. Better, not only the angle will provide a better sealing, due the perfect

Please check whether one or both situation below is occurring: Incorrect alignment between the tool and the tube; Tube wall thickness different from the recommended for the SPIN Flaring tools. The Flaring Spin tools are designed to work with copper tubing 1/4’’, 3/8”” and 1/2’’ with wall thickness of up to 0.8mm, and up to

The Flaring Spin Tool creates the exact area of contact between the nut and the valve (or other accessories), because it will be able to adapt itself perfectly to the flare nut once it is wrenched on its place. The copper’s ductibility is preserved by the SPIN Method, so when the flare nut is wrenched tight,

Usually 5-7 seconds are sufficient for tubes up to 5/8″, though it might take longer for tubes above this diameter. There is no problem if it takes more than 10 seconds, however it is important for a perfect execution of the flare or expansion that we ensure to push the SPIN Tool inside the tube

In HVAC, it’s not usual to make flares in hard copper, so the flaring SPIN tool wasn’t designed to make them on hard copper.